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  1. a me é piaciuto molto molto molto a dirla tutta.ma devo anche dire che io ho un debole per questi film perché sono insaeestrto alle tematiche e soprattutto al genere “tic tac tic tac il tempo sta scadendo” 😀

  2. Pastor Cornwall,I often grant people usage of my work when asked. Considering that you did not ask my permission to use the Detroit photo and then did not have the courtesy to credit my work when you illegally published it, I must now demand that you remove it from your site.Sincerely, Sean Hemmerle

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  4. It was nice to hear your voice! 🙂 I love how you showed everything in the video….I would just about die if someone ever sent me that!!! Hello heaven 🙂 Looking forward to your creation(s).

  5. in a statement. “Still, his most recent lapse in judgement is not to be condoned or accepted. His actions could have seriously injured another player, and his absence during this suspension will hurt our team as well. While we accept the league’s decision, we will be supportive of Metta and try to help him be more professional on the court.”

  6. Thank you, chaamiey !!Gerry, I’ve noticed some of my Japanese posts are started to be quoted in many sites. I guess I have to resume translating your posts soon. Could you please put this for Japanese readers?”日本人の皆様へ 現在、この皇城新聞を解読し、英訳する作業を行っています。まずは書き起しから始めていますが、あやふやであったり不明な漢字について、おわかりになる範囲で結構ですので、教えていただければ幸いです。”Maybe, Korean sentence will be necessary as well?

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  8. No and don’t believe everything the Philadelphia Inquirer and/or Daily News prints: They’re frothing at the mouth in hopes that’s true just as much as you are–probably more. Meanwhile, you haven’t seen them report on Fast and Furious, have you? Or the FACT that Obama’s claims that Social Security checks won’t go out next month unless the debt ceiling is raised is a lie. Those two media outlets are NOT unbiased. 0Was this answer helpful?

  9. Great review, JJ. I have to dust this one off and watch it again. I haven’t seen it since the ’97 Simitar version. BTW, lo wei didn’t direct this; at least according to Hong Kong cinemagic (and that’s one site I trust). But heck, no need to change this or any of the other reviews. I’m sure Lo Wei had enough to do with it since it was under his film company.

  10. Yes, Bristol is a fantastic city. However, you may want to question the need to import big brands as it already has its own unique character and identity. I do not want to see it become another retail mecca that looks and feels like any other city, and I certainly don't want it to be judged on consumerism alone. There is so much to see and do in the city, other than shopping! I suggest visiting some of the lesser known venues such as the Georgian Museum or Red Lodge, attend a concert at St Georges or go for a walk at Blaise Castle Estate.

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  12. Very well stated Sara…One day, I spent hours in a digital darkroom in my attempt to emulate the look of a b/w film……then it hit me…….The next couple of weeks, I resurrected my darkroom….

  13. vous faites ce que vous voulez votre vie vous appartient la notre par contre on la gère comme on peut avec les moyens que l’on a.s’exonérer de services effectués ce n’est pas ce que l’on revendique, vous ne comprener rien du tout, pour qui nous prenez vous ?on ne veux pas payer un service non rendu, là on est plus proche de nos revendications.

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  15. DavidHere’s the thing–Gene has gone on more than one blog comment thread and claimed Mormons are real Christians–hence his comment about many ways to God. I’m not sure how to answer someone who makes such an outlandish claim like that in a manner that doesn’t end up sounding like “Shut up til you know how dumb you sound”. Or maybe it’s that I don’t try. 8^)

  16. tokiu atveju siū­ly­čiau pla­čiau pasi­do­mėti jo kūryba ir sukur­to­mis seri­jo­mis, kadangi šiame straips­nyje sudėta toli gražu ne vis­kas. nerei­kia daryti išvadų ir sakyti, o ką jeigu, kai neiš­si­stu­di­ja­vai visko iki galo, žinoma aš galė­čiau dar pla­čiau viską paaiš­kinti, apdo­roti ir t.t., bet manau mano tiks­las buvo sukelti pra­dinį impulsą, toliau vis­kas yra tavo asme­ni­nis darbas.

  17. Field… why Dunkin Ds?? There are soo many good locally owned cafes/coffee shops.. my fave in Center City, Brew HaHa or Almaz…. locally owned cycles the money through the community more.. they pay better, and at Almaz, GREAT Ethiopian coffee served by the owner and no tip jar!

  18. Es verdad…Pero,si siempre estan los mismos sitios en “referidos gratis”,si siempre estan las mismas herramientas,las mismas formas de pago,en fin,si siempre esta todo igual,los usuarios se aburren,pierden el interes.Yo creo que vos,tenes que mantener el interes de las personas que estan registradas en el sitio!Es solo una humilde opinion.Un abrazo Raul!A Favor o En contra: 0  0

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