Fastnetmon Install

Use Ubuntu

Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS


sudo perl

How install Grafana Enterprise

How Add Influxdb To DataSource Grafana

Add influxdb to startup

sudo systemctl enable --now influxdb

How test influx DB

In shell run

ramin@Fastnetmon:~$ influx

After Run influx

Show Database


And See Database

If true See Database


Mikrotik FLOW Config

Download Src File Fro Github

Add to startup

sudo systemctl enable fastnetmon

How Add Notification For Ban Ip address In fastnetmon

Template For Grafana Dashes.rar

Grafana New Dashboard

For Per host template Syntax For ip address


Enter Ip address By under line

For monitor Subnet In fastnetmon Config file


enable_subnet_counters = on

For monitor subetnetwork and work template

Note : For Every Template Must Config influxdb

For Example this link

Chiness Site Atricle

How install Fastnetmoon For Package

sudo perl --install-ci-packages

Best Fastnetmon Dashboard dashboard.rar

Add bgp Session By router

And Config Bgp Community In fastnetmon.conf

gobgp_community_host = 65001:666

gobgp_community_subnet = 65001:777

FastNetmoon Plugin For mikrotik