How see ARP in switch nexus

show ip arp ethernet 1/49.92

show ip arp —-> you can see all the arp in switch

sh ip arp x.x.x.x —-> for  particular ip address.

sh ip arp x.x.x.x vrf <name> —- if you have multiple vrf then you can use this command.

How Secure Line VTY in Switch Nexus

1.    switch# configure terminal

2.    switch(config)# line vty

3.    switch(config-line)# access-class access-list-number {in | out}

4.    (Optional) switch(config-line)# no access-class access-list-number {in | out}

5.    switch(config-line)# exit

6.    (Optional) switch# show running-config aclmgr

7.    (Optional) switch# copy running-config startup-config